Kellie Titchmarsh has been writing since she had decent fine motor skills. An early memory of Kel's writing is the moment in primary school when she started a short story with quotation marks. Her teacher corrected her, explaining that quotation marks never begin a story! Kellie asked the teacher to continue reading, and eventually the teacher discovered that the entire story was a child recounting a hostage situation to the police - technically, her use of quotation marks was correct, however the content no doubt took the teacher by surprise!

This shock element has been indicative of Kellie's writing ever since. The reader never quite knows what to expect, with the comforts and predictability of traditional story-telling being swept away at random. While Kellie's characters are often in the midst of a trauma or grief situation, it is at the climax of the anxieties that their true nature is revealed, and therein lies the beginning.

After studying Education and Communications at university, Kellie is now running her own business, Making Stories out of Words. Recently graduating from a Diploma in Community Services, Kellie has encompassed her passion for people with her love of words to make this business dream a reality.

Kellie is a Cub Scout leader, a musician, a daughter, a sister and a friend. She fills many roles seamlessly, and each person she is in contact with is valued beyond expectation and treated with a genuine respect.

With thanks to Renee Moore for all photographs used on this site.

Ten Random Things About Kel Titchmarsh...

1. Kel had dreadlocks up until Christmas of 2011, when she cut them off as a gift to her family.

2. Kel's Cub Scout leader name is Skunk.

3. Kel is right-handed, but can both clap and click with her feet. That said, she cannot click with her fingers.

4. Kel is very shy, but covers it up by being very loud.

5. The book that encouraged Kel to keep writing was Tim Winton's Cloudstreet.

6. Kel is highly amused by bad smells, seeing people fall over, and prank phone calls.

7. When she receives bills or other scary-looking mail, she hides them in the freezer.

8. There is currently a HECS statement and car registration papers hidden amongst the frozen vegetables.

9. Kel was petrified of dogs until she was 16. That was when her family adopted a tiny puppy who grew to be a 60kg rottweiler. This huge dog was the one who conquered Kel's fear, and soon became her best friend.

10. Kel is her own worst critic, and struggled enormously with writing her own biography!