Beginnings is a collection of short stories and poetry. Some have featured on That First Love, but a lot of them haven't seen life outside of the computer before. The common element in the writing is the hidden beginning. Just when the reader is feeling secure in how the story will end, just when the rhythm of the poem is a comfortable sway, everything changes. Usually with a slap. The carpet is yanked out and the reader is reminded that life is never as it seems. But is that a bad thing?

I want to share with you the dedication in Beginnings. It's simple. Short. To the point. But this will be the only place I explain who I am speaking about. While the stories in Beginnings are all fictional, what is true is that it has been the people who have made it. 

The Dedication

for those who are near;

those who have stood with me, and for me.

and those

I wish

were here.

That's it. Ambiguously generous, purposeful so that no one will feel forgotten.

But there are actually key people this book is dedicated to...

To the people who are near: Those that have stood by me through the years, tolerated my perceived laziness, enjoyed my writing, and encouraged me to go further. The people who spotted my words and asked why they weren't published. The people who didn't know I was writing away, but figured I had some master plan cooking somewhere. The people who were horrified when I didn't pursue teaching, but hoped I would eventually find something I loved.

I did. I found the courage to embrace something I'd loved it for years: Words.

To Dad. To my sister. To Gill, Shayne, Lauren. To Pigsy, Erika, Rhonda, Heidi. Margie. June. Dans.

Mum - I miss you.

Nan - I remember your smell, and it brings you to me.

And finally, to my Cubs. As proof that dreams come true, if you fight for them.